About Us

Welcome to the web site of Mr. Pickle, Inc. We have designed this website as an informative tool, so our customers as well as prospective customers can access information about our company, its products and services. Mr. Pickle, Inc. is the combination of two companies started in the early 1950s under the names of Jack Greenfield Pickle Works and Washington Pickle Works. These two companies owned by Irving Neihaus and Howard Wiseman merged in 1980 to form Mr. Pickle, Inc.

Since that merger, other pickle companies were purchased. This enabled Mr. Pickle to expand its customer base and increase its buying power. The success of the company was dramatic as fresh Kirby cucumbers became our biggest selling item and therefore enhanced our pickle product line. Purchasing from the best and most consistent growers in the industry, our company flourished.

Unfortunately, with the untimely passing of our two founders, the stage was set for their sons to take over the reins and bring the company into the 21st century. We will continue supplying customers with gourmet pickle products well into the future, using our old fashioned formula for sour and half sour pickles.

The current ownership of Alan Neihaus and Scott Wiseman would like to welcome you to visit our website and e-mail us with any questions you may have. Thank you for your interest in our company.